Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bucket List

Bucket List

I was speaking to a coworkers last week about their upcoming travel plans.  I provided some advice, and money saving tips to someone who will be sailing in a few weeks on the Caribbean Princess.  During our discussion, she mentioned that she is excited about the itinerary, because the ports of call are not the average that someone would find on a cruise out of Florida.  She also said, "I always wanted to leave out of San Juan, and now I am finally doing it."

I heard other phrases from the group like:

 I always want to.....

Someday, I hope to.....

When I retire, I plan on....

 So I started thinking about all my other clients who say the same things, and the clients I have helped fulfill their dreams.  It appears, whether people realize it or not, they all have some kind of Bucket List.  Any why shouldn't they!

I took an opinion poll around the office, asking people for the one trip they want to take in their lifetime, and it was amazing to hear the answers, and how with the proper planning, and budget, most bucket list trips are attainable.

These were the most popular, and interested bucket list vacation spots:

Alaska                        Hawaii                        Europe (Rome/Paris/Athens)


South Africa                          Bermuda                    Tahiti


The Baja 1000 (car race in Mexico)          The Super Bowl (any location)


4 Week tour of the US South West           Prague

Its amazing to me, how the ten items listed above, are easily attainable adventures.  By using a travel agent, looking out for sales and promotions, what at one time might be considered impossible, can now be the basis of your next vacation.

 Your travel agent can find you great deals, and tours through reputable companies that will build you a custom itinerary.  As an example, Gripp Travel has an affiliation with, a company that specializes in sporting event packages, like the Olympics (2012), the Super Bowl, Indy 500, etc.

Make your bucket list become a reality; start planning your next best vacation today!

Don't just take the dog for a walk, take him on vacation!

Don't just take the dog for a walk, take him on vacation!

I have the best dog in the world, his name is Riley.  He is a brilliant silver miniature schnauzer, who from day one, captured the hearts of everyone that crossed his path.  Especially, Uncle Joel, who really does not like dogs.

Every year, we hit the road, and visit our family in Florida.  While we are down south, we always board one of the latest and greatest cruise ships, and leave Riley with his Uncle Richie.

Flying with a dog, even a perfect dog like Riley, is not easy.  Here are a few things everyone should know about air travel with dogs:

 1.     When you book your airfare, book the dog's also.  Airlines limit the number of               
       pets per flight, and they sell out quick.

2.    Review the airline's requirements for dog travel.  There are some restrictions and certainly a pricey fee.   Keep in mind, your pet will count as your carry on.  By the way, the "Companion Pet" trick will not get you out of paying for their ticket.  Too many people are traveling with pets these days, and honestly, how many people do you know really need a companion pet?

3.    Bring your dog to the vet for a checkup prior to your trip, and inquire about a sedative.  Although this may sound harsh, a relaxed pet on a plane will save you and your pet hours of grief, worry, and dirty looks from the person sitting next to you.

4.    Follow your veterinarian's feeding instructions prior to flight.

5.    Walk your dog before you leave for the airport! 

6.    Purchase / borrow a good quality carry case.  I try and buy things once.  Although a higher quality carry case may be expensive, it most likely won't have to be replaced, and will provide a safer environment for your pet.

Riley usually handles the plane ride well.  Though, there was one trip where his sedative didn't fully wear off after the flight/  He suddenly decided to take a nap in the parking lot of the rent - a - car facility.   When I woke him up, he looked at me like I was crazy!